2013-14 Training Year Photos

Camp at HMCS Ontario

Some of our cadets got the chance to attend camp at HMCS Ontario to learn, experience, new things and meet new people.

Annual Review for the 2013-14 Training Year

Officers, volunteers, parents and cadets, thank you for your hard work during the 2013-14 training year. The Annual Ceremonial Review was the culmination of these efforts. Thank you especially to LCdr Parker for being our reviewing officer, and we look forward to seeing you around Centurion in the future. Have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable summer. See you all on Tuesday, 2 September for our welcome back BBQ.

Whaler Sail Weekend

Centurion cadets participated in a whaler exercise both pulling (rowing) and sailing. Despite a little hiccup with the bus at the beginning of the weekend, we had a great experience and made good use of our on-water time. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the weekend.
Have a great summer!

A message from CO Lt(N) Beatty:
Thank you to Lt(N) Learmonth, Lt(N) Gauthier, A/SLt McLeod and Ms Notman for making the Whaler Sail weekend a great success. Without your help and dedication this exercise would have never happened.

Thank you also to Lt(N) Shari Pilson for acting as duty officer at HMCS Cataraqui so we had a place to stay, and to Lt(N) Wright for instructing and supervising the actual training.

Sailing weekend at the Nepean Sailing Club.

The weather was beautiful for Centurion to be out on the waters at the Nepean Sailing Club for the weekend. Thanks to Lt (N) Gauthier and CI Notman for supervising our cadets and special thanks to Marie Diamond, Mike Mackay, Erin Lesage, Elinor Tanti, Victor Tanti for helping out with the lunch on Saturday and Lorna Budge for bringing lunch on Sunday. RCSCC Centurion and the Navy League Kanata Branch would also like to thank SLt Jeremy Kennedy, SLt Leo Galioto, CI Elizabeth Murray-Richard and CI Alison Campbell for spending the weekend with our cadets and teaching them about sailing.

Battle of the Atlantic

It was a cold and somber morning standing in the rain on Parliament Hill for the Battle of the Atlantic parade. We will remember them…
Bravo Zulu to Centurion and Falkland cadets who collaborated together to produce an amazing mass band and marching division.

Naval Gala

Centurion cadets along with our Falkland friends acted as escorts during the Naval Gala held 1 May at the War Museum. Everyone was well turned out and their presence was greatly appreciated by all; especially the veterans. Our very own CPO2 Shleifman also had the honour of piping “Hands to Dinner”. Once again, Bravo Zulu Centurion!

Springtime Community Cleanup

Centurion’s Spring Cleaning the Capital event was a great success despite the rain. Everyone was in good spirits and we picked up a huge haul of 17 garbage bags full of garbage. Bravo Zulu to all! Our community is a little bit cleaner thanks to you!

Seamanship Weekend

Seamanship Day was a great success. The cadets practiced their skills in rope work, blocks and tackles and boatswain call piping. We even invited some water logged army cadets in out of the rain to teach them how to heave a line. The senior cadets from both units went head to head in a competition of skills. The afternoon ended on a high note with a relay. The corps was divided into 3 groups and each group had the chance to compete against each other and practice their skills. Bravo Zulu Centurion! We have some pretty talented sea cadets.

2014 Eastern Ontario Region Competition


For the first time ever in Centurion history our cadets participated in the Eastern Ontarion Region Competion and placed 5th out of 9 corps. Special thanks to A/SLt McLeod to her dedication and leadership to our band team.

Drill without Arms

Our squad march proud to place 4th out of 10 corps. Special thanks to Lt (N) Learmont and CI Notman for their long work and dedication to helping our corps.

Drill with Arms

Our cadest marched and held their head high placing 12th out of 15 corps. Special thanks to Lt (N) Learmonth and CI Notman for their dedication.

Range Competition

We would like to congradulate our cadets for a superb job in the morning Range Competition. For th Senior placing, MS Diamond placed 7th and LS MacAteer placed 19th out of 25 cadets. For all cadets standing MS Diamond placed 21st, LS Cogan placed 25, MS Harnish placed 45, LS MacAteer placed 49, LS Clipperton placed 53 out of 60 cadets. Bravo Zulu!!!! Special thanks to Lt (N) Gauthier for the time and effort put into helping our cadets.

Seamanship Weekend

Winter Sports Activity at Mount Pakenham

Christmas Dinner