Navy League Members

Our members meet every second Tuesday of the month. All parents are welcome to attend the Kanata Branch. If you wish to become a member of the Branch or a volunteer please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, remember there is no cost to be a member or a volunteer. Being apart of the Branches meeting provides you with a chance to voice your opinions on events that are held for the cadets or insight of upcoming events. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following chart is a list of the Positions and Responsibilities for the Branch. Have a look and see if there maybe a position that may interest you.

 Navy League Members

President: Janet McCleary

Vice President: Clint Eastop

Second Vice President: Srinivas Viswanathan

Past President: Mike Mackay

Treasurer: Shannon Rempel

Secretary: Iain Woolf

Fundraiser Coordinator: Eric McCleary

Tag Day Coordinator: Nicole Cameron

Awards Coordinator: David McGoey

Volunteer Coordinator: Position available

Canteen Coordinator: Adrienne Woolf and Cinda Stewart

Website Coordinator: Rose Wilson

Additional Members at Large and Parent Volunteers

Carole Eastop, Mike Gaffney, Nicole Cameron, Eric McCleary, Kyahwan Moon, Byron Rempel.