Lt (N) Sue Learmonth Commanding Officer (CO): Lieutenant (N) Sue Learmonth was born in North Bay, Ontario and joined sea cadets in 1992 with RCSCC Brilliant. There she progressed through the ranks to become coxswain of the corps before moving to Ottawa to attend the University of Ottawa. While in university she volunteered with RCSCC Falkland and enrolled in the Canadian Forces as a CIC officer in 1999. Lt (N) Learmonth worked for several summers at HMCS Ontario both as a staff cadet and then officer in several roles and departments including gunnery, general training, PERI (physical education and recreation instructor) and sail administration. In 2001 Lt (N) Learmonth started working with RCSCC Centurion as an instructor and divisional officer and eventually became the training officer. She took a hiatus for several years in order to have and raise three children, but came back to her Centurion family to volunteer during the 2012-13 training year. She is now active in the role of executive officer, working alongside the commanding officer. In her civilian life, she is a WAHM (work at home mom) running two small home businesses.
Jeremy Executive Officer (XO):Lieutenant (N) Jeremy Kennedy  joined RCSCC Centurion in the inaugural group of recruits in 1992.  He competed with the band, drill team, and seamanship team.  Additionally, he represented the corps at the National Sailing Regatta, finishing second in 1995 and third in 1996.  After leaving the corps, he joined the Regional Cadet Sailing School as a sailing instructor, remaining at the Ottawa Sail Centre until 2015.    He also had the opportunity to work at HMCS Ontario as a course training officer for several summers and coached the provincial sailing team in 2002, 2003, 2012, and 2013.  Aside from cadets, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.  He officially re-joined Centurion in September 2015 after spending the last year as a volunteer with the corps, and is very glad to be back.
Jessica Nnotman Administration Officer and Magnificent Officer: AS/Lt Jessica Notman began her cadet career in 2002 at RCSCC Chaudière in Milton, Ontario. She progressed through the ranks and eventually became coxswain of the corps. As a cadet, she went to camp at HMCS Ontario for gunnery. After completing the gunnery trade, she worked as a civilian instructor for the gunnery division and then the drill and ceremonial division. Jessica then volunteered as a civilian instructor with Chaudière until she moved to Ottawa to attend university. Since starting volunteering with RCSCC Centurion in 2011, she has loved being a member of this fine team of officers and working with such a great group of cadets.
Lt (N) Sue Gauthier Supply Officer (Sup O): Lieutenant (N) Sue Gauthier,  was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. She joined RCSCC Stormont in the fall of 1981 in Cornwall, Ontario. In 1982, Lt (N) Gauthier transferred to RCSCC St. Lawrence. She was a bandsman and eventually rose to the position of coxswain of the corps. Upon completion of her cadet career, Lt (N) Gauthier became a civilian instructor and eventually joined the Canadian Forces as a cadet instructor officer in 1989. In 1996, Lt (N) Gauthier moved to Ottawa to attend college. It was at this time that she joined the staff of RCSCC Centurion. She assumed the role of executive officer, and took command of the corps in 1998. After serving her second term as commanding officer, Lt (N) Gauthier stepped down and assumed the position of the supply officer. Lt (N) Gauthier has also worked aboard HMCS Ontario as the public affairs officer.
Training Officer: Captain Robin Braet
 IMG_2050-1 Training Logistics Officer: NCdt Adrian Meunier was born and raised in the national capital region, began his career in 2004 with RCSCC Centurion and progressed through the ranks to obtain the rank of Petty Officer First class (CPO1). He has been the Divisional Petty Officer (DPO) for the new entree division and also the corps stores Petty Officer. After aging out in 2009 he returned to Centurion as a Civilian Instructor and continued to work in Supply. He currently works as a Structural Engineering Technologist for WSP Canada Inc. as part of one of the world largest pure engineering consultants firms.
 Tikka Phase Coordinator and Instructor Officer Lieutenant (N): Villiam Tikka  joined the CAF Reserve in 2003 as a Medical Technician in Thunder Bay, ON. His work as a Medic included employment at the Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre’s MIR for one summer. Upon completing his degree in Biochemistry at Lakehead University in 2009 he took his commission, becoming a MARS Officer in the Regular Force. After finishing his initial training in Victoria BC, he was posted to HMCS Preserver, where he earned his Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate while deployed on OP CARIBBE. In 2014, Lt(N) Tikka completed his Sensors and Weapons Controller course and was subsequently posted to HMCS Halifax, where he served as Above Water Warfare Officer. In July 2015 he was posted to his current position as Deputy Detachment Commander of the Naval Electronic Warfare Centre, based in Kanata, ON.
Phase Coordinator and Instructor
 Phase Coordinator and Instructor 
Coxswain: Chief Petty Office First Class (CPO1) Alexandra Jordan
 IMG_2053-4 Phase Coordinator and Instructor (Drake (band) Divisional Officer: Civilian Instructor Denis Shleifman joined RCSCC Centurion at the age of 12. Since that time, positions that he has held include Divisional Petty Officer (DPO) of Band and Coxswain. He has completed General Training, Basic Sail, Ship’s Boat Operator, Boatswain Mate and a year of Staff as a Ship’s Boat Operator Divisional Petty Officer (DPO). Some of his achievements include: Top Cadet (Boatswain Mate at HMCS Acadia) Top Senior Cadet Award (2012, 2013), Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, Navy League Four Year Service Medal. Since joining cadets, he has been a very dedicated cadet to RCSCC Centurion and continues to show his dedication to the improvement of the cadets in the corps. After mugging out in the training year of 2016 he rejoined the Corps as a Civilian Instructor.
Phase Coordinator and Instructor (Drake (band) Divisional Officer: Civilian Instructor Tarek Bedair joined RCSCC CENTURION in January 2010, and has since strived to achieve excellence in all that he does, including seamanship, instruction and music. He has continuously shown his capability as a leader in his roles as Drum Major, Chief of Training and later as Cosxwain of Centurion. CI Bedair also attended HMCS ONTARIO where he worked as instructor and Divisional Petty Officer (DPO) in the Seamanship Department. After mugging out in 2015-2016 training year Tarek Bedair returned to Centurion as a Civilian Officer.