Training Year photos

Each year our cadets have many activities. This page will demonstrate some of the things our cadets do. If you feel your child maybe in some photos that have not been posted and you would like a copy please visit the Navy Leagues GOOGLE PHOTOS page for more photos. You can also see additional photos on the Corps Instagram or their Facebook page.

Final Sail Training

Cadets got their last chance to have a sail training during the regular training year before heading off to either a summer vacation, summer training or just putting their feet up after a long and challenging year.

Annual Ceremonial Review

This year RCSCC Centurion has accomplished lots with their competition teams, recruitment and their general training year. This we were honored to have MP Karen McCrimmon be our Reviewing Officer for our 2018 ACR. We also would like to thank the community and parents for all their support for Centurion.


This years the RCSCC Centurion teams were successful in all their events. Bravo Zulu to all.

2018 Awards Ceremony

This year RCSCC Centurion decided to hold a special awards ceremony to ensure we took the time to recognize all the hard work the cadets, officers, Navy League Members and community has done during this training year.

Zodiac Training

Part of the cadets seaman training on the waters is to learn how to man the Zodiac. This a few cadets got a chance to take a training night of the Zodiac on the Ottawa River.

2018 Band competition

This year RCSCC Centurion participated Band competition at Connaught Training Base. Through hard work and dedication they had placed 3rd in the Ottawa St Lawrence Area Competition

Band Team: Coach: CI Tarek Badair and Drum Major: PO1 Rowland

Team: CPO1 Diamond, CPO2 Jordan, CPO1 Ward, PO1 McGoey, PO2 Rowland, PO2 Eastop, PO2 Waddell, PO2 Comeau, PO2 Comeau, MS Soanes, MS MacNeil, MS Penstone, LS Kou, LS Learmonth, LS Li, LS McGoey, LS Qiu, AB Liu

2018 Drill with and without arms competition

This year RCSCC Centurion participated in both the Drill with arms and without arms competition at Connaught Training Base for the Ottawa St Lawrence Area. Both teams  did exceptionally well. Congratulations to the Drill without arms team for placing 1st and the Drill with arms for placing 3rd. The drill teams also managed to win the award for the Best Dress Unit and in addition congratulations to CPO2 Jordan for winning the Best Drill Without Arms Commander.

Drill without Arms Team: Coach SLt (N) Notman and Commanader: CPO2 Jordan

Team: CPO1 Diamond, CPO2 McAteer, PO1 Rowland, PO1 McGoey, PO1 Ward, PO2 Eastop, PO2 Rowland, PO2 Gosselin,  PO2 Mercer, PO2 Mullin, MS Kassam,  MS Rempel, LS Woolf, LS Zhu

Drill With Arms Team: Coach SLt (N) Notman and Commander: CPO1 Diamond

Team: CPO2 Jordan, CPO2 McAteer, PO1 Rowland, PO1 McGoey, PO1 Ward, PO2 Eastop, PO2 Rowland, PO2 Gosselin, PO2 Mercer, MS Penstone, MS Strampel, LS Rempel, LS Woolf, LS Zhu, LS McGoey

2018 Range Competition

As every year RCSCC Centurion sends their Range Team to the Area Competitions. This year we want to congratulate team captain CPO1 Diamond, CPO2 McAteer, PO1 McGoey, MS Zhou and MS Penstone in this years competition. This year the team placed second at the recent zone marksmanship competition. A special congratulations to PO1 Diamond for placing first in the open individuals.

Senior Cadet Leadership Weekend

Every year the senior cadets (PO2 and above) go away for a weekend to bond, learn new skills among other things. Most important they have fun. This year the cadets spent time at Connaught Training facility learning how to do presentations for when it comes the classes they teach, they got to go to Altitude Gym in Kanata for some rock climbing and to test out their ninja skills. They also had the chance to escape from the Kanata Escape Room. For more photos from the weekend click here

Support our Troops Gala

Some of our cadets helped out this evening with the Support Our Troops gala. Bravo Centurion. Your hard work was definitely noticed and appreciated.

Military hockey match

Today we had a few cadets participate in a hockey game that had cadets from across the NCR (sea, army and air) competing against military personnel from the Defence Attache. Our very own PO1 McGoey won MVP of the game. Bravo Zulu! Centurion represented well

Monthly Ceremonial Review

After a long break of the Christmas holidays RCSCC Centurion came back and showed the Commanding officer that they still looked good and showed off how well they preform the march pass

Winter fun event

This year RCSCC Centurion and RCSCC Defiant joined together to have a fun day at Mont Edelweiss tubing

Christmas fun with Centurion

Each year RCSCC Centurion has fun with their Christmas party and then head off to the Kanata Legion 638 for their Christmas dinner. This is where the cadets get to site down and enjoy a wonderful dinner made by the Ladies Auxiliary and served by the staff of RCSCC Centurion.

2017 Senate Honorary Ceremony

Several of our cadets along with a few of our friends from RCSCC Falkland had the privilege of assisting during a ceremony today in the Senate Chambers on Parliament Hill honoring exceptional sailors from the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard.

2017 Kanata Christmas Parade

RCSCC Centurion participated in this years Kanata Christmas Parade with RCSCC Falkland and RCACS Snowy Owl. Click here to view images.

2017 Barrhaven Christmas Parade

Barrhaven had put on another wonderful Christmas Parade and RCSCC Centurion was honored to be apart of it this year. Click here to view images.


Remembrance Day- Stittsville-2017

Thank you to the Stittsville Legion 618 for the memorable ceremony. Click here to view more images.


Ottawa Senators home game

This year RCSCC Centurion was honored to be asked to participate in the Ottawa Senators opening ceremony for a home game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Britannia Yacht Club Remembrance Day Ceremony-2017

RCSCC  Centurion was proud to be part of the Britannia Yacht Club Remembrance Day Ceremony

Kanata Remembrance Day-2017

RCSCC Centurion participated in this years Kanata Remembrance Day Ceremony along side MP Karen McCrimmon, the Ottawa Police Services, Kanata Legion and the rest of the public in Kanata

Here are some pictures taken on November 11, 2017

Constance Bay Remembrance Day Parade

Each year RCSCC Centurion helps participate in the Constance Bay Remembrance Day Parade with the Constance Bay Legion 616. Thank you to all the participants that were involved with the Parade.

Click HERE for more photos

RCSCC Centurion and RCSCC Defiant Joint Training Weekend

Each year RCSCC Defiant and RCSCC Centurion get together for a Joint Training Weekend. Here they learn new skills, participate in activities, test the knowledge and have a lot fun with new and old friends. This year due to the heat wave they participated is some fun water games. Click HERE for more photos.

2017 Sail Weekend September

At the beginning of the training year cadets get a chance to learn, test their skills and have a some fun at the Nepean Sail Center. Click HERE for more photos.

 2017 Welcome Back BBQ

A new training year has begun at RCSCC Centurion. New cadets and parents get a chance to meet returning cadets, officers and parents of RCSCC Centurion. Everyone also gets a chance to enjoy a some good food and have a little fun before the training year begins. Click HERE for more photos

2017 Dieppe Remembrance Day

RCSCC Centurion participated in this years Dieppe Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Click HERE for more photos.



2017 Closing Ceremonies at HMCS Ontario

When all is said and done at HMCS Ontario camp, cadets participate in the closing ceremonies. Click HERE for more photos.

2017 Ceremony of the Flags at HMCS Ontario

During camp cadets have the opportunity to participate in the

Ceremony of Flags at HMCS Ontario.

Click HERE for more photos.